Cambridge Ents

Thank you for everything last night, we'll let you know when our next event is. Emma. Caius MCR. March 2014


Thanks so much for last night we really appreciate the great job you did!

Danya. Murray Edwards. March 2014


Thank you, it was a wonderful evening! I absolutely loved the Magdalene underground sign, it was spectacular! Hannah. Magdalene. January 2014


Thanks very much Tim, such a fantastic service. Rowanne. Murray Edwards. March 2014


Thank you for providing the music and visuals on Friday 15th February. We recieved many compliments for the party, lighting, visuals and music. Lucy Cavendish College. February 2013


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday night.  You helped make it an absolutely fantastic night which we thoroughly enjoyed!  James Horscroft. JCR President. Trinity Hall


I know that everyone had a really good time - thanks again for a great

night! Tanya Goldhaber. Pembroke. February 2012


I just wanted to say thanked to thank you for doing an awesome job, everyone loved it. I've had some really great feedback including: "as a long standing MCR member, I have never in the past 5 years seensuch a good event as this one in Queens'. Congratulations!" This is largely due to the atmosphere you created, so thank you again.   Laura - Queens College


Thanks again for coming, everyone loved the music and had a really great evening.  Katie - Emmanuel College


Just to say thank you for the gig on Wednesday night. It went down really well and everyone enjoyed the music so thank you for making it a great night! Hope you can come again in the future.  Cat


Thank you very much for all the bops this year, they've all gone down

really well!  Luke


Thank you for your efforts in contributing to the success of St Edmund's May Ball 2010. Many guests have commented that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the DJ marquee.   Harold


Thanks for everything this year, you've been a dream.  Lydia x


Thank you for making our bop on so good...the music, lights, bubbles and projections were all perfect. Everyone has said what a fun time they had. We will definitely be using your services again. We were also impressed by your professional service. Charlotte. St Catharine's College MCR


We think you're the best dj we've had!  Casta. Homerton


Many thanks again for last night - you guys were brilliant. Everyone was pretty impressed with the light set up, especially the projector.  Ollie. Emmanuel


I am a member of the Emmanuel College MCR and we loved your performance at Selwyn College!  Dora


We really enjoyed having you at Jesus for our Halloween Party. We had a lot of compliments about the setup and we'd like to get people dancing the night away again at Christmas!  Kelly


Thanks for last night, great job!  Alasdair. Hometon June Event 2010

Thanks for Friday - it was a really fun night and we've had lots of postive feedback, which is always nice! Rebecca Spriggs. Caius MCR. November 2012


I was the ents officer at Girton a couple of years ago and hired you a few times to DJ at the Ents. I just always thought you did a very good set! Lydia Barton. Girton. October 2012


I just wanted to say thank you so much for last night. It was a great

success and I've been getting massively positive feedback.

Thanks so much

Sarah MacKichan. Lucy Cavendish College. November 2011


The comments from guests have been nothing short of complimentary. The music, lighting, photography and glowsticks have been well received.  Lucy Cavendish College June Event 2013


Hey Tim, Just wanted to say thanks for Sunday night, we had loads of compliments for the music, everyone loved it and was so grateful to you for  playing their requests. Thanks! Lydia


You did a party last Thursday at the Hexagon room at the Frank Lee centre and I was mightily impressed with the set up and projection and would be very interested in booking you for future event.  Tom


Thank you for hosting our Toga bop.  I was in Austria that weekend but I heard great things about it and people had a lot of fun.  Joshua


You did the annual dinner last year and were awesome, so we would like to book you for our post-Varsity party if possible.  Claire


We have used you in the past and were really impressed.  Rebecca


You previously DJed for us on 28th June this year and we really enjoyed your set.  Claire


You came to our student party a few weeks back now and went down very well!  Catherine


You DJ'd for us earlier this year for a similar party and it was great! lots of great feedback , in fact it was why we wanted to repeat!  Amber


I hope all is well. This is Raj and you were at many of our events for the last 4 years!


Thanks very much for last night- it seems as if was a success and people certainly enjoyed themselves.  Cheney


Having had a fantastic feedback from your last DJ set, I was wondering  whether you still wanted to DJ in Darwin College this year?  Tim. Darwin


I was at the Caius bop the other week and thought you were great!  Fiona


Thanks for a great night last night, the lights were fantastic and it was really good to see people up and dancing!  Hui. Lucy Cavendish College


Thanks so much for such an incredible Bop, we got about the double the amount of people we normally have turning up.  Millie. Magdalene


I am the new Caius MCR president.  We met ever so briefly in the last bop you held successfully in our college.  We desperately need your skills on the decks again!  Parvez


I'm in Caius and have had many great nights when you played!  Rachel


Just to say thank you for the gig last night, it was great (as usual!) and everyone was having a good time. Hope to see you again soon.  Cat